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DelaneyCreates to inspire others with hopes of the viewer connecting to their inherent soul's wisdom and purpose

She aims to help make creative healing processes increasingly accessible across the nations systems and vulnerable populations. 



Delaney was raised in a rural area of northern Illinois, where she learned to observe and admire the tension between effortlessness and diligence of life's rhythms and natural cycles.

She graduated from the University of Tampa, majoring in the Arts with a concentration in Art Therapy and a minor in painting. Within her first year of undergrad, she discovered a deep passion for her work with Encaustic that motivated her to explore the artistic process further through education and personal creative practices.

Delaney obtained a dual Master's Degree in Art Therapy and Clinical Therapy from Southwestern College & New Earth Institute. In addition to her education, she has received licensure to practice Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.  

Delaney is represented by Marcolina's Gallery based in Ybor City, and by ESP Gallery, located in Chelsea (New York), Miami (Florida), Tampa (Florida), and Santa Fe (New Mexico). Additionally, Delaney maintains her initial representation by Houshang's Gallery, located on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Currently, Delaney actively engages the art scene across Tampa Bay by exhibiting her work at local art shows, as well as curating alternative exhibitions to incorporate inclusivity of artists and to expand Tampa's art industry. Delaney continues to experiment with Sculptural Encaustic Painting, and has begun to provide Art Therapy for the Tampa Museum of Art and ProTherapyPlus, LLC. 

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