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My work is a reflection upon the ecofeminist movement with the use of encaustic and oil. Ecofeminism addresses gender equality and environmental preservation and highlights a potential new world with common respect contributed to human, animal and planet.
By projecting images of coral and foliage onto the female body I am able to capture the essence of natural beauty. The female figure provides a canvas, the skin is layered with blossoming flowers and thriving corals to represent the best possible state of the earth; meanwhile the bare female is a personification of Earth Mother/ Mother Nature/ Gaia/ Terra, proudly residing within her finest creations. Allowing a harmonious existence of the subject matter highlights a primative resiliency and delicacy of the feminine and the ecosystem.
I work collaboratively with encaustic and oil. The characteristics of the chosen media sustain a correlation with the signifying characteristics of  the subject matter, the feminine and the ecosystem. Both, oil and encaustic are resilient, delicate, and primitive; these embodied characteristics reflect the crucial balance of sustaining society and ecological preservation.
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